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Alex. From California. Adores France.

Yes, I adore France. I’m head-over-heels. And I know now that this love affair with France is set in stone. There’s no going back. Like any typical francophile, I’m enamored by it all: the language, the food, the attitudes, the ideas, the confidence, the art.

Whatever it is, I’m charmed by it. I love the challenges of continuing to push myself to speak French fluently. I’ll never forget one late night in Paris, sitting with a group of young Parisians, sipping our beers and talking about everything and nothing. One of them said to me that my French was good, that it was “almost pure.” And with that, I knew I could never be satisfied until I could speak as well as anyone.

So, a little about me. My favorite thing in the world is revisiting places I’ve loved and getting lost in long books. I’ve given up on society’s expectations of me in order to pursue a life I absolutely love. I’m a bit of a renegade when it comes to the live-to-work existence and I’ll talk your ear off about why you need to go out and live your life now, now NOW!

Of course, that’s not always possible as life does tend to get in the way sometimes. That being said, I’m here to share ideas on living a simple and beautiful life in the midst of busyness and stress, as inspired by the various times I’ve lived in the intoxicating country of France. A minimalist at heart, I truly find value in doing more with less. In fact, I find that with less “stuff” in my life (not just material items, mind you), I feel noticeably more fulfilled.

So, come and explore what makes living a French-inspired life something of beauty, simplicity, and a whole lot of fun.